Christchurch firm to build hotel

Standing on The Langlands Hotel site are (from left) Invercargill Licensing Trust chief executive...
Standing on The Langlands Hotel site are (from left) Invercargill Licensing Trust chief executive Chris Ramsay, The Building Intelligence Group project manager Tess Browne, Invercargill Licensing Trust chairman Alan Dennis, and Leighs Construction chief financial officer David Jarman. PHOTO: ABBEY PALMER
Leighs Construction chief financial officer David Jarman says submitting a proposal to take on The Langlands Hotel project in Southland was a "natural'' decision.

"We're pretty excited about the amount of work that's coming up down here with all the projects and the way the city is moving ahead.

"We certainly see it as a great future both for us and for Invercargill.''

The Invercargill Licensing Trust announced yesterday the Christchurch-based company had been awarded the hotel tender.

Bringing together all the components of a project of this scale was the company's "specialist area'', Mr Jarman said.

"Burwood Hospital in Christchurch is probably our biggest project so far. Hospitals and hotels and so on are quite similar in the way you focus on the end user, especially when it comes to the complexity of the services.''

The goal was to get the project, on the corner of Dee and Don Sts, done "on time'' (October 2021) and on budget, he said.

"There's always obstacles that come up but our job is to anticipate those and work with the ILT and the rest of the team to make sure we stay on top of them.''

ILT chief executive Chris Ramsay said the company interviewed "incredibly well''.

"We put them through a meticulous process, so I believe our expectations will be met with what they presented.

"They've got a great programme of methodology and they come with great experience around hotel builds.''

He said the hotel would add between 80 and 100 jobs.

ILT chairman Alan Dennis said it was the biggest project the trust had worked on.

"It's something we've been talking about for quite a few years. Arguably it's the best site in Invercargill and it ticks all the boxes. We're very excited as a board.''

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