New kākā breeding pair introduced

The cacophonous calls of kākā increased at Queens Park’s aviary this week after a new breeding pair was introduced.

Six of the native birds now call the Invercargill park home, the two newcomers having been introduced to encourage a mix of genetics, minimise inbreeding and contribute to the national breeding programme.

The pair came from Nelson’s Natureland, where they were bred.

Invercargill City Council parks performance officer Bevan Cameron said the male bird from Nelson interacted with his keepers there, but not with the female kākā.

"We hope that the move will discourage this behaviour and the competition will encourage him to pair up and successfully breed."

It was hoped by holding two breeding pairs in the flock it would create competition and enable courting behaviour and successful breeding.

The pair were introduced to their new enclosure on Wednesday evening, and seemed to be getting on well with the rest of the flock after being introduced yesterday.

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