Pupils call for action ahead of strike

Preparing to take part in next week’s climate strike are Mount Aspiring College sustainability...
Preparing to take part in next week’s climate strike are Mount Aspiring College sustainability committee members (from left) Ben Pell, Jay Ladbrook, James Watson, Jessica Gould, Lena Pollard, Lulu Pettit, all 17, and Nico Pettit, 15. PHOTO: REGAN HARRIS
Wānaka will be well-represented when tens of thousands of New Zealanders take to the streets in nationwide climate strikes next Friday.

In climate strike action organised by the Mount Aspiring College (MAC) sustainability committee,  MAC pupils will march from Lismore Park to the centre of town, where they will call on the government to take more action against the causes and effects of climate change.

MAC sustainability committee leader Lulu Pettit  said the march was about giving younger generations the opportunity to have their voices heard on a subject that directly impacted them — the future of the planet.

"We’re voicing concerns about the climate crisis and demanding more action to be taken around Aotearoa’s sustainability because that’s really important to us.

"It’s going to impact us and the future generations the most."

While the march would closely resemble efforts of previous years, MAC sustainability committee member James Watson  said last year’s change of government meant the "vibe will be quite different".

"With the previous government, they leaned more towards listening to marches like this or they were quite already focused on certain aspects.

"Whereas with this government it’s completely new."

The committee will spend the next few days rallying their peers, but encouraged members of the community willing to participate to meet them at Lismore Park as well.

The march will begin at 1pm next Friday at Lismore Park, directly across the street from MAC.