Contract execution down to ‘handful of things’

Photo: ODT files
Photo: ODT files
The execution of a contract for the Mataura River crossing project is down to "just a handful of things", Gore District Council Three Waters asset manager Matt Bayliss says.

At the council’s assets and infrastructure meeting yesterday councillors discussed a report regarding the project that had been prepared by Mr Bayliss.

Last year in May the councillors voted to explore drilling water pipes under the Mataura River.

The pipes will travel from the Jacobstown Well field on the west side of the river to the East Gore water treatment plant.

They will supply the town with water that meets New Zealand drinking water standards.

Mr Bayliss said it was important to get the contract correct.

"Probably taken a little bit longer than we had anticipated but [be] mindful that we do need to get the contract right given the scope of the project."

Once the contract was executed the design process could begin, he said.

The council was on track to meet the water treatment plant requirements of Taumata Arowai by next year, he said.

"It puts that bit more significance around the project, programming and making sure we get it complete within that timeframe."

It was important to take the necessary time given the scope of the project, he said.

Cr Andy Fraser questioned why the geotechnical investigation had more than doubled in cost.

"We found some unexpected things," Mr Bayliss said.

According to the report an old clean-fill site was discovered on the Maitland St side of the river. The investigation work was increased to ensure the details of that were understood.

"While it’s cost us a little bit more money up front it’s actually a good thing in terms of the risk for the project."

According to the report the geotechnical investigation had a final forecast cost of $123,372.99.

It had a budget of $60,000.

Investigation work tried to ensure that risks were understood and dealt with as early as possible.

"There’s always risk and a reasonable level of uncertainty around costs when you’re in the earlier stage of the project."

Cr Neville Phillips remained concerned about the project.

"I’m just concerned that we haven’t got anything under the ground yet."

However, his faith in the council staff to complete the project remained, he said.