When Wall Street lost out to the average Joe

You might remember a couple of years ago when the stock price of video game retailer GameStop rose to an all-time high.

If you do not, there is now a movie about it.

Dumb Money is the story of how everyday people managed to flip the script on Wall Street and turn GameStop shares into one of the world’s hottest commodities.

The movie is a fun watch, especially after having seen these events take place in real time.

With that said, you can still enjoy the film if you are going in blind.

Dumb Money is all about finance and Wall Street. It explains both what happened to GameStop stock — and why — through the eyes of the people involved

It’s comedic, well-paced and insightful. Anyone can sit down and enjoy it. And with big names such as Pete Davidson, Paul Dano and Seth Rogen, the movie boasts plenty of star power.

The rise of the GameStop stock results in some desperate measures that border on unethical to downright illegal in the stock market in order to maintain the status quo.

If you are looking for detailed explanation of how stocks work you may be out of luck as scenes explaining stocks were somewhat vague.

I say vague because I do not completely understand how the stock market works and a lot of jargon went over my head but I still enjoyed a story where the average person got rich for once.

If there is one thing I always enjoy in a film it is the story of an average Joe making it big.