Golf: After 17 years, 2 holes in one in a month

Twelve Oaks golfer Les Wilson celebrates his two holes in one in the past month. Photo by Gerard...
Twelve Oaks golfer Les Wilson celebrates his two holes in one in the past month. Photo by Gerard O'Brien.
One was not enough. Les Wilson was in raptures after his first hole in one and wanted more.

He is a member of the Twelve Oaks Golf Club, which had seven holes in one on its course last year.

Wilson's first came on closing day, December 15, and the second less than a month later, on January 12.

It was shouts all round for members of the Twelve Oaks club after Wilson (72), a retired operations manager at Reid Farmers, made his two aces.

''The club shouts a round for everyone in the clubrooms after a hole in one,'' Wilson said.

There are 247 members at Twelve Oaks but only those in the clubrooms on the day shared the shout.

Wilson said his secret was simple.

''You've just got to hit the ball straight. You've always got a chance if you put it on the green, especially on a par three,'' Wilson said.

His first hole in one was on the 73m par-three 14th hole. He used a wedge.

Less than a month later, he landed his second hole in one on the 148m par-three seventh hole with a 7 iron.

''On the first hole, a high ball landed on the green and went down the hole,'' Wilson said.

''It felt pretty good from where I was standing.''

The second one was different. It was further away.

''Some of the guys on the other tee were waiting to tee off and saw it go in before I did,'' Wilson said.

''It landed on the green and rolled and rolled. I couldn't see it and thought it had gone past the hole. But when we got down there my playing partner, Mike Anderson, went to the hole and pulled it out.''

Wilson has been playing golf for 17 years and this was the only time he had hit holes in one.

''The first one was the best. I hadn't hit one before,'' Wilson said.

His best gross score on 18 holes at the Twelve Oaks course is 79. His handicap is 17.

Wilson plays at the Twelve Oaks club on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. He fits in extra putting and driving practice when he can.

''Golf's a game you can never master. The more you practise, the better you will get,'' he said. His son, Ryan, has dabbled with golf but prefers rowing with the North End club.

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