Ice hockey: Hearing over alleged punch

Canterbury Red Devils captain Hayden Argyle will tonight face a disciplinary tribunal following an incident that left a Southern Stampede player unconscious.

The hearing, to be held via telephone conference, follows the game between the Red Devils and the Stampede in Christchurch on Sunday, and Stampede player Matt Schneider's allegation he was punched in the jaw.

Earlier this week, New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation president Grant Hay could not confirm Argyle threw the alleged punch, but confirmed Argyle received a match penalty for excessive roughness which carries a two-game automatic suspension.

Yesterday, Hay said Argyle was required to attend the disciplinary tribunal ''where supplementary discipline will be considered''.

Hay said he was unable to make any further comments until after the tribunal.

Schneider had been trying to get possession of a loose puck in front of the Red Devils goal when the incident happened. Stampede players - including Mike McRae, for becoming involved in the scuffle, and Quinn Drake, for assisting a medical staff member on to the ice - also received penalties.

After the incident, Schneider was left unconscious on the ice. He did not move for a short time before he managed to get up and skate off the ice with assistance.

On Monday, Schneider told the ODT his head was ''still a little bit sore'' and was thankful his team had a bye this weekend.

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