Late coach inspiring role model for Morrison

Jo Morrison
Jo Morrison
One of Otago netball's most beloved figures was key to driving Jo Morrison to national recognition.

The 43-year-old received a Netball New Zealand service award at the national body's AGM last weekend.

That followed Dunedin Netball presenting Morrison with its Most Valuable Contribution award last year.

Her involvement in the game has stretched from primary school level to the Silver Ferns.

In that she has filled playing, coaching, selection and governance roles, first playing for Otago in 1993.

It is a long time to stay as busy as she has.

However, she said, wanting to replicate her own role models was a key to keeping going.

In particular she made mention of former Rebels coach Georgie Salter, who died late last year, alongside the likes of Sheryll Roy and Lois Muir.

''I've been really fortunate to be surrounded by amazing role models,'' Morrison said.

''It's probably really timely - well timely's probably not the right word - but I'd like to dedicate it to Georgie.

''She's no longer with us, but the values, the passion, what she did for me as a netballer and as a person, just wanting to give back the same as what she did.

''She had such an effect on so many lives and I guess she drives me to give girls, and boys, the opportunities I've had.''

Being a member of the champion 1998 Otago Rebels side had been a highlight.

Likewise, running Dunedin Netball's development programme had been particularly memorable and was something she enjoyed.

''I love working with those kids who just want to learn and want to get better.

''There's nothing better than coming out of those sessions when someone's nailed a skill or activity and got a buzz out of feeling like they can do something. To be part of that process is really rewarding, it's quite a buzz.''

It looks to be another busy year ahead.

Morrison has joined the Southern Blast Beko League team as a specialist coach, which she was enjoying.

She was also coaching her daughter's team at Tahuna Intermediate, coaching a team that played on the Taieri and possibly coaching at Phys Ed.

She would continue running the development for Dunedin Netball, as well as doing work for North Otago and Taieri Plains junior netball.

On top of that she remains a selector for the Silver Ferns.

Around all that she looked to juggle her husband and four children, who she said were extremely supportive.

They also figured in her playing ambitions.

She continues to play in the premier club competition - Dunedin's oldest player at present.

Her goal is to keep going until her 12-year-old daughter Lucy is old enough to play alongside her at that level.


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