Wall a glutton for competition and fun

Toni Wall
Toni Wall
Toni Wall has lost count of how many New Zealand Masters Games she  has played in and has probably lost count of how many sports events she has competed in.

At the Masters Games in Dunedin, Wall (47) has signed up for six events.

"I’ve had to take the week off work so that I could compete every day. I just love the Masters," she said.

Over the opening weekend she played touch in a mixed-grade team and won gold, retaining the title her team has held for the last six years. She also won gold in netball in the 41-45 grade. Her team, the Super Mammas, included former Silver Fern Jo Morrison.

Logistically and physically it was not easy playing both sports. On the Saturday she had three touch games at Bishopscourt and three netball games at the Edgar Centre and on  Sunday another three games of touch and two of netball.

"I certainly didn’t ever need a warm-up before a game."

She also made the most of the nightly live entertainment at the games village over the weekend. By Monday she said she could hardly move but that did not stop her launching into softball on Monday and Tuesday, helping her team to a bronze medal.

She is no stranger to these sports, though. She is the manager of the New Zealand men’s touch team (ranked second in the world), is a former premier netball player and has represented Otago in softball.

Midweek, when you might think she would  have her feet up,  Wall took part in the twilight 400 over two nights. The event includes smallbore rifle shooting, curling, darts and ten-pin bowling.

"Really that was just for relaxation and to have some fun with old friends, and I made some new friends. Twilight 400 is just great fun."

But her games have not stopped.

On Thursday she took to the court to play basketball,  a ring-in for the team. The competition finishes today but she will be juggling her basketball games with volleyball.

She thinks her volleyball team will be in the hunt for a medal.

She attempted to dismiss the idea that she must be fit but when pushed admitted that as a member of the police force she  was required to maintain a certain level of fitness.

"Every two years we have a physical competency test and that’s a real gut-buster."

So, when the games end  tomorrow, how will Toni Wall keep herself active?

"Well, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I play in a family touch team; on Saturdays I play competitive softball. I coach a school touch team and will soon be coaching premier netball,  oh and soon I’ve got the New Zealand men’s touch camps coming up."

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