Advance for Pacific Edge

The signing of an agreement with a Californian medical group is further confirmation Pacific Edge Ltd is ''moving forward'' in the United States, Craigs Investment Partners broker Peter McIntyre says.

The Dunedin-based cancer-diagnostic company's agreement with the Southern California Permanente Medical Group is to research its user programme to evaluate its bladder cancer technology, Cxbladder, within the clinical settings of Kaiser Permanente's health care network.

It was planned to recruit about 2000 patients presenting with blood in the urine from the 3.7 million members of Kaiser Permanente Southern California.

The user programme research was scheduled to begin later this year and be completed in early 2015.

User programmes were a key part of the adoption process, allowing customers to obtain data and experience the benefits of using the Cxbladder technology in their own clinical settings, Pacific Edge chief executive David Darling said.

With its provision of services to 9.5 million people, Kaiser Permanente cared for a population twice the size of all of New Zealand's district health boards.

Mr McIntyre said it was all about Pacific Edge's ability to adapt to increased demand, given the ''massive'' population base.

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