Blis K12 probiotic found to greatly reduce glue ear and tonsilitis

Recurrence of childhood ear and throat infections such as glue ear and tonsilitis could be reduced by about 40% and 90% respectively through using the Blis K12 probiotic, an independent research study has shown.

The findings of a study by an Italian research team were published this month in the International Journal of General Medicine.

The study, conducted over three years, involved 82 children aged between 4 and 5 years, with a history of recurrent ear and throat infection, who were recruited to determine the effect of 90 days of treatment with either the Blis K12 probiotic or a placebo. Barry Richardson, chief executive of the Dunedin-based biotechnology company, said the company knew that K12, when taken on a daily basis, was very effective at establishing itself inside the mouth and throat.

The success of the product was also getting through to mainstream New Zealand consumers. Market research data showed while the cough and cold market contracted by 1% for the 12 months to September, the Blis Throat Guard range of Blis K12 probiotic lozenges grew 11.6% in unit sales over the past year, Dr Richardson said. In October, Blis Technologies announced it had teamed up with the Salvation Army to help fight the battle against tonsilitis and rheumatic fever.

It has been providing some children and their families in Otago and Southland with free probiotic lozenges. The families were identified by the Salvation Army as being in need of additional welfare and were likely to be at higher risk from tonsilitis.

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