Business trainer joins city firm

YBT Coaching and Consulting Ltd business coaching director Sharon Byrne. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
YBT Coaching and Consulting Ltd business coaching director Sharon Byrne. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Meeting Sharon Byrne is a little like encountering a whirlwind.

Ms Byrne recently moved from Brisbane to Dunedin to join YBT Coaching and Consulting Ltd as a business coaching director.

She says she is passionate about helping small- to medium-sized businesses achieve results.

Despite living on the Gold Coast for the past two years and Sydney before that, Dunedin is a familiar place for her. Both her mother and her sister married Dunedin people and she has been visiting the city for 16 years, so already has family and friends here.

Ms Byrne said she had also known YBT director Carl Spruyt for about seven years and he was thrilled she decided to cross the Tasman.

He quickly learned the self-confessed adventure junkie had a high-energy style.

``The key thing she excels in is teaching people how to sell,'' he said.

She was among the top female Australian trainers in business, sales and marketing and coaching, and also had international credentials and some of her training solutions had gone global, he said.

Since starting work earlier this month, she had hit the ground running and was excited about her latest challenge.

She would lead YBT's sales and marketing initiatives plus drive a new level of training and coaching in both business and health and safety coaching for the firm's clients, as part of a major expansion of the firm.

Her social media connections and international links with trainers and sources of IP connecting with Dunedin's Giga Town capabilities boded well for the initiatives planned, Mr Spruyt said.

YBT was now a ``one-stop-shop'' and there was no reason for small businesses to endure problems in their business, he said.

Ms Byrne loved creating breakthrough results fast and she said she wanted YBT to maximise businesses results by being their go-to place.

``You can't change someone's attitude but you can change their skillset,'' she said.

And she wanted other coaches trained through YBT to deliver health and safety, business coaching and training throughout New Zealand.

On February 28, YBT is holding an event at the Edgar Centre, at which her business partner in social media is coming from Australia to speak. Other events and functions were also planned.


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