Two PGG staff accept voluntary redundancy

Two employees have accepted voluntary redundancy at PGG Wrightson's Dunedin office, after completion of the first stage of a consultation process around restructuring.

Last month, the company's chief financial officer, Rob Woodgate, said proposal documents had been presented to about 70 staff working in the call centre, accounts payable and credit teams.

This week, Mr Woodgate said the company would be changing some reporting lines and reallocating job content to achieve better alignment between roles and responsibilities. It would continue to review how it operated key business processes with a view to making them more efficient.

The company was still looking at whether there were options available to redeploy the two redundant workers within the company.

The realignment of roles was not expected to result in any further job losses ''at this time'' but would help the company ''see more readily where processes can be improved'', Mr Woodgate said.

''Over time, this may see some further reduction in staff numbers but we do not have a fixed time-frame on this,'' he said.

Initially, the company indicated a longer process might be required for the accounts payable team, which affected about 25 people, but consultation had been completed for all teams, he said.

PGG Wrightson's Dunedin office provided the call centre, accounts payable and credit for the company's operations throughout New Zealand.


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