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Pete Hodgson. PHOTO: ODT FILES
Pete Hodgson. PHOTO: ODT FILES
The shoe is about to be on the other foot for Pete Hodgson.

Once, as health minister, he had health board chairmen reporting to him. Now he will be reporting to the minister as the new chairman of the Southern District Health Board.

Former SDHB chairman and Dunedin mayor Dave Cull’s short term at the head of the organisation was cut short in October by the discovery of a tumour on his pancreas.

Mr Hodgson, the former Dunedin North MP and until recently the head of the Southern Partnership Group, the organisation steering the building of the new Dunedin Hospital, paid tribute to Mr Cull for his time at the SDHB, and wished him and his family all the best.

"I’m honoured to be following in Dave Cull’s footsteps but wish it was not in this manner," Mr Hodgson said.

A recently released Cabinet paper revealed that the Government intended to scrap the partnership group and set up a new system to oversee the hospital project which matched normal government building project procedure.

The Government also said it wanted the SDHB to undergo a "transformation programme" to be better equipped to manage the new hospital when it opened.

Mr Hodgson said beginning that work was his immediate priority as chairman.

"The organisation needs to undergo some changes so that it can best use the new facility when it does open

"The DHB also has changes under way, which I will be wanting it to focus on a lot more, on things like valuing patients’ time and so on, most of them backed by good quality digital technology, and all of them capable of delivering more for the same."

Health Minister Andrew Little said he was pleased Mr Hodgson had accepted the role.

"Pete’s made a tremendous contribution to New Zealand’s health services over many years including as health minister, and has done a fantastic job steering the new Dunedin Hospital project through its key early phases as head of the Southern Partnership Group.

Mr Hodgson will remain a member of the local advisory group assisting the hospital rebuild.



Jobs for the boys

Yes it looks like the old boys club is alive and well on New Zealand.
The question is is he there for the benefit of the sdhb or for his wallet.