Charming online cat fishing romp

Old people escaping from their controlling fuddy-duddy children and going on some sort of a spree with a grandchild is a common cinematic trope.



Director: Stephane Robelin
Cast: Pierre Richard, Yaniss Lespert, Fanny Valette, Stephane Bissot, Stephanie Crayencour, Gustave Kervern, Pierre Kiwitt
Rating: (M)
★★★ (out of five)


Mr Stein Goes Online (Rialto) hardly breaks new ground as, in this case, naughty grandfather Pierre (Pierre Richard) adopts the persona of his tutor to lure a young woman into a relationship.

On the face of it, it’s pretty creepy, so imagine my surprise when Mr Stein Goes Online  turned out to be a rather sweet film.

We start with Alex (Yaniss Lespert), a nice guy who helps Juliette (Stephanie Crayencour) home after a night out drinking.

Fast-forward three months and Alex is living with and working for Juliette’s family as general dogsbody. Juliette has had an argument with her grandfather, who is not speaking to her because he liked her old boyfriend and dislikes the new one, despite not having meet him.

Juliette thinks it is a great idea for Alex to tutor her grandfather in how to operate a computer and let the old man get to know her "layabout" new boyfriend.

Pierre is not keen at first, but soon realises that the internet gives him access to the world of online dating. Using Alex’s profile picture, he is soon having in-depth conversations with Flora (Fanny Valette), a young woman he charms with his elegant conversations and intimate confessions. All goes well until Flora wants to meet him in person ...

It all sounds so wrong, but the charm of Pierre Richard keeps it afloat.

- Christine Powley

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