CD reviews: Anika Moa

Taniwha, witches, dreams and gender-switching kids ... Anika Moa has done it again, aiming for the ears of young ones while offering more than enough lyrical depth to make the adults chuckle, too.

The follow-up to the successful first instalment of Songs for Bubbas is a dozen songs of pure fun, as Moa belts out "hiyaaa!'' karate chops, sings along with herself about boys throwing their toys (If I Had a Little Girl), and reveals subtle yet clever harmonic shifts on The Adventures of Barry and Taane 2!, all of which are driven by an obvious generosity of spirit and a rare vocal talent.

• Anika Moa. Songs for Bubbas 2. Homespun.

Four stars (out of five)

Single download: Little Bird 2
For those who like: Children and joy

- Shane Gilchrist

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