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Haunted Love
Haunted Love
Dunedin duo Haunted Love - Rainy McMaster (guitar, vocals) and Geva Downey (organ, vocals and percussion) - have been entertaining crowds around town for a few years now, but have been taking it quiet for a while.

However, McMaster says the offer of a great gig with Robert Scott, at Chicks, in Port Chalmers, has dragged the women out again.

Scott will be playing as Bob Scott and The Moreporks, with Donald Ferns (bass) and Ants (on drums) from Onanon.

"They're going to do a pop set before us and a rock set afterwards," McMaster says.

"We've chosen to be a lot less active with playing live over the last few months, but we're always dead-keen to open for Bob."

McMaster says tonight's gig will be their first at Chicks, but they've played in Port before.

"We've played at The Tunnel Hotel (gorgeous decor) with almost exactly the same line-up as this Saturday's gig and more recently with Stef Animal, at The Masonic Lodge, but we're well overdue for some Port Chalmers lovin'.

"Expect a really special set of slightly odd classics from The Moreporks. Bob's got the Gretsch back from rehab at the Rock Shop, so that's getting a rare outing.

"From us you can expect wood veneer covered pop music and fake eyelashes and makeup that would make any drag queen proud. Be there by 9pm, darlings."

She says Haunted Love has been making good use of its time away from the stage.

"My cat has taken to stealing gardening gloves, but as far as music is concerned, we've been writing a lot of new material and working on the new sound of Haunted Love - clue: it's electrifying - and we're also creating the cover artwork for our album."



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