Who is the new Dr Love?

Remotely Interesting can never get enough of Shortland Street, which not only provides regular work for New Zealand actors but is strangely compelling if you watch it while having tea.

You can miss bits while you are doing the dishes - even whole episodes- and just pick up the storyline when you come back. There's just no pressure.

Not only that, but new faces are popping up on the TV2 show, the latest being - shock, horror - an Australian!

Dr Finn Connolly (smoking hot Lukas Whiting) arrives at Ferndale at the same time as rumours of his playboy ways circulate around the hospital.

He is quickly labelled the new Doctor Love - a reputation previously held by now rehabilitated love rat Dr Chris Warner.

But what about the fabulously bald plastic surgeon Dr Drew McCaskill (Ben Barrington) - will he resent not being the hospital's Number One Love Hunk?

I would if I was him.

Let the dramas continue.

Speaking of dramas, TV One tonight at 8.30pm has autopsy and inquest testimony on the death of excellent singer Amy Winehouse in Autopsy: The Last Hours of Amy Winehouse.

Intrusive? Yes.

Interesting? Sadly, yes.

The singer-songwriter sold more than 20 million copies of her album Back to Black, and her soulful voice and obvious fragility worked together to produce fine art.

In July 2011, she was found dead in the bedroom of her home in Camden, North London, with a coroner concluding she had died of alcohol poisoning.

Using information revealed by her autopsy, testimony heard at the inquest and witness accounts, Dr Jason Payne-James investigates her last days.

Meanwhile Sky's Vibe channel is screening the third season of the really quite good Australian Broadcasting Corporation crime drama Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries from April 11.

Miss Fisher is a bob-wearing, crime-solving, fashion-loving 1920s gal who is always much cleverer than the police, as only a murder mystery heroine can be.

Like many murder mystery heroines she has unique access to police investigations, and is brassy and fearless.

The latest series of the Melbourne-based show based on author Kerry Greenwood's novels begins in a magic show, The Mighty Mackenzie and his Cavalcade of Mysteries.

A centrepiece of the magic display is a guillotine display in which Mackenzie's lovely assistant loses her head in the most literal sense.

Meanwhile, a little love-tension between Miss Fisher and Detective Inspector John ‘‘Jack'' Robinson (Nathan Page), who works reluctantly with our heroine, is bubbling away in the background.

Will Miss Fisher solve the crime?

Yes, she will. But how she gets there is what it's all about.

You should probably watch it.

 - by Charles Loughrey 

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