Southern Television - Behind Garage Doors

'Behind Garage Doors' all around Otago and Southland are hidden gems. Treasure troves of all things collectable, ranging from Tonka Trucks to Tractors. Thanks to Garador we went behind these doors to uncover the collections and the collectors.

View the collections of Tonka Trucks and Chainsaws in the below video:

Part one of 'Behind Garage Doors' explores a collection sure to be loved by kids and kids at heart! With over 500 Tonka toys of all sizes and scales, accumulating this impressive set has been anything but child's play. While a tree embedded with chainsaws may seem like an unusual addition to a garage, it's exactly what you will find in our second collection. With enough chainsaws to make a lumberjack jealous, this unique assortment offers a real insight into the history of chainsaw design. 


View the collections of Fuel Pumps and Tractors in the below video:

Part two of the show uncovers some dusty, work-horses who have been retired to a unique collection. These weathered tractors have been put through their paces during their working lives but are now proudly preserved for future generations. We also uncover an Aladin's cave of car and petrol paraphernalia. Sure to be the envy of motoring fanatics everywhere this pristine assortment is a chrome-capped look a the colourful past of gas pump and pure Americana.


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