Helping your child through exams

As years of work come together, the exam period can be a stressful time for your child.

You can help them through this by:

  • talking to them and encouraging them - ask them how their study is going, check in with them after each exam about how it went, ask if you can do anything to help, and keep a check on their stress levels.
  • making sure there is a place at home to study - a clear, calm space where they can concentrate.
  • fuelling their revision by ensuring there are plenty of healthy snacks in the fridge and encouraging them to join in family meals to get a break from study.
  • helping them balance study and free time.
  • encouraging regular exercise - even just a quick walk around the block - as it can help clear their mind.
  • checking they are prepared. Do they know where and when their exams are, how they will get there and what they need to take?
  • helping them get a good night's sleep before the exam by discouraging them from staying up late to cram; and making sure they get a good breakfast the morning of the exam.
  • not adding to the pressure - offer support, celebrate successes and avoid criticism.
  • If you feel your child is not coping, talk to their teachers or GP.