Liberton Christian School

Liberton Christian School cares about spiritual, academic, cultural, social and physical...
Liberton Christian School cares about spiritual, academic, cultural, social and physical development.

LIBERTON Christian School is an interdenominational state-integrated full primary school for students in years 1-8. Their mission is to provide a primary education that is distinctively Christian in character, of the highest quality, that equips children for life. They care about the spiritual, academic, cultural, social and physical development of the students.

At Liberton Christian School they are committed to providing children with: Modern, stimulating, caring classroom environments. Smaller multi-level classes, taught by highly skilled staff. A high-quality well-balanced curriculum in which academic achievement is encouraged. A supportive learning environment where individual students’ talents are recognised and developed.

Their intermediate students take an active role in leadership within the school, participate in leadership conferences and activities, and experience a fantastic outdoor-camp opportunity each year.

Liberton Christian School provides a high-quality visual-arts programme with a specialist teacher, and has a school band and choir. ICT is used to enhance learning opportunities across the school.

They value active participation in a range of sports, and present a school-wide drama production every year. The staff are committed to upholding the school’s special character and they encourage a strong partnership between home and school. They want to see every child in the school grow in Christian character and become a positive contributor to society.

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