Olveston Historic Home

Domestic Technology’ – Discover how Olveston was ahead of its time and compare domestic history between then and now.
Learn how domestic history has changed between Edwardian times and now. Olveston is an excellent example of a house in a transition period for architecture and society. Convenient labour-saving appliances were being introduced as utilities services such as running water and electricity were becoming available. The house has all the “mod cons” including electric lights, central heating, flushing toilets and an internal communication
system. Society was also changing and there were fewer big houses employing multiple staff. Student end their visit by creating butter, an everyday ingredient we take for granted today.
Built to Last’ – Design and construction of an iconic home.
This programme explores the design, structure, and construction methods that make Olveston a Landmark site. Students examine the architectural plans, explore the building and the grounds and discuss what makes a house an outstanding home. Students then plan their own dream home putting in all the elements that make it sustainable, modern and efficient, visually inspiring and containing everything they think should be incorporated to make their “dream home”.
‘Edwardian Entertainment’ – Games and social events of the era.
Olveston was a family home but also a place for social interaction. Conversation, etiquette and manners governed polite society and protocol maintained boundaries in society. Students learn about the celebrations and social events held at Olveston, and compare them to their own experiences.
Learn what games Edwardian children played, and participate in fun indoor or outdoor games popular at this time.

Programmes can also be tailored specifically to meet the needs of your students and curriculum requirements. Work with us to create your own unique learning experience.


Introducing innovative education programmes that explore the Edwardian era.
All students taking part in LEOTC programmes will be transformed into Edwardian children by wearing authentic costuming for the duration of their visit to the house.
Highlights Tour
Students will take part in a 30 minute ‘Highlights’ tour of the house in small groups, led by the educators
Family Portrait
At the completion of the school visit the students will take part in a group photograph on the steps of the entrance to the ‘Great Hall’.



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