Community College Dunedin

It has been a busy first semester for Community College students and staff!

In February they welcomed the class of 2018 as the young people started their journey towards NCEA and NZ Certificate qualifications.

They would like to thank the young people for their commitment and determination to set goals and for having the courage to overcome challenges and keep on going no matter what!

In 2018, the focus has moved towards providing truly relevant and engaging projects across all five of their programmes. Students have been enjoying the sense of educational ownership and flexibility that comes from completing Portfolios of Learning rather than traditional units.

Portfolios have allowed Community College to broaden the knowledge base of its students and extend them beyond the standard requirements - students have risen to the challenge and it has been exciting for the school to see its young people engaged in learning, and learning to work more independently.

As always, the staff believe that there is tremendous value in having fun and the school continues to offer opportunities for its students (and staff) to learn through "play''.

During the month of May, Dunedin Community College will be actively celebrating Pink Shirt Day, Youth Week, and NZ Music Month, so keep an eye out for it on Facebook and Instagram.


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