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Students enjoying the festivities of O week
Students enjoying the festivities of O week
THE Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) continues to offer its students affordable education with its innovative Zero Fees Scheme, offered in addition to the Government’s new Fees Free policy given to first-time tertiary students for their first year of study (if studying at a TEO — tertiary education organisation). When studying at SIT, there is no need for a huge student loan, giving you the opportunity to gain a quality education without the long-term price tag.

Under the Zero Fees Scheme, SIT will cover your tuition fees if you are a New Zealand citizen, resident, or permanent resident living in New Zealand during your study.

It’s simple, all you pay for are the direct material costs associated with your course.

In 2018, SIT also introduced the Mayor Sir Tim Shadbolt Accommodation Bursaries for Invercargill. The bursary was launched in response to the introduction of the Government’s Fees Free policy. SIT will be offering the accommodation bursary to all students eligible for study at its Invercargill campus. These students will be offered shared accommodation at SIT’s apartments in Invercargill for free, or alternatively, $100 per week for up to 40 weeks regardless of whether they are living at home or renting in Invercargill.

As the fifth-largest institute out of 16 ITPs within the country, SIT has over 250 courses available, both on-campus at its Invercargill, Gore, Queenstown, Christchurch, and Auckland campuses, and via its distance learning faculty, SIT2LRN. These courses range from certificate level right through to master’s degrees.

Its extensive variety of programmes in a wide range of industries includes: Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing, Business, Creative Industries, Agriculture and Floristry, Nursing, Massage Therapy, Social Services, Sport and Exercise, Hospitality, Hotel Management, Tourism and Travel, Information Technology (Computing), and Trades and Technology.

Whether you are looking to enter the workforce for the first time, changing career paths or simply keen on upskilling, the Southern Institute of Technology is certain to have the option that is right for you.

Providing all students with a wealth of opportunities, investigate your study options with SIT today! Visit or phone 0800 4 0 FEES for more information today.

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