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MAINZ Audio Engineering  and Production alumnus Claud Vause
MAINZ Audio Engineering and Production alumnus Claud Vause
Having built an enviable reputation over the years, they offer a range of high-quality programmes, specifically designed for music-lovers looking for a career in the industry.

With seasoned industry professionals leading their wide range of courses, the calibre of graduates completing qualifications at MAINZ is very high. These graduates are also very sought-after within their chosen profession.

Graduate Claude Vause developed an interest in music at a very young age, recording with his own band at just 12 years old.

Raised in Wellington, he played in bands in high school and recorded in studios, both of which really sparked his interest in pursuing a career in audio.

Claude enrolled in the Audio Engineering and Production course at the MAINZ campus in Christchurch straight out of school, graduating in 2016.

“MAINZ lived up to all my expectations. The staff were extremely helpful and went above and beyond to make sure you were getting the most out of your time there.

“The facilities are great and are just what you’d expect in a commercial studio, so it makes being able to work in other studios a lot easier,” he says.

While studying at MAINZ, Claude met producer Greg Haver, who came and gave guest lectures. He also met and learnt from several great producers from the UK.

“Without their support and guidance, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to make the jump over to the UK.”

Claude is currently working as an assistant engineer at Miloco Studios, which is a studio management company based in London with studios worldwide.

Whatever your passion — music performance, audio engineering/production, or event management — you are certain to get the best start in the music industry at MAINZ.

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