Living Life: Keeping people active and preventing falls

Prevention is key . . . Age Concern’s classes, such as tai chi, are designed to prevent falls....
Prevention is key . . . Age Concern’s classes, such as tai chi, are designed to prevent falls. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Age Concern Otago’s falls prevention programmes have grown to 106 classes throughout Otago and at least 2000 participants, resulting in a significant number of falls prevented in the last year.     

The programmes include; Steady As You Go, Tai Chi and Aligned to Go, and all are specifically designed to prevent falls and encourage social connections.     

They are well-evidenced and proven to increase strength and balance, socialisation and prevent falls. The classes are run by volunteer peer leaders, which enables them to remain affordable.

Age Concern is also working towards incorporating some cognitive and memory exercises into its programmes. A further 170 people regularly participate in physical activities including three gym classes, line dancing and bowls. Staying active is so important to our health and wellbeing as we age.     

Comments from participants include:     
‘‘What a big difference the classes make. I see people standing taller, walking with confidence and moving more freely. Everyone really looks forward to attending for the social aspects where there is always fun and laughter, friendships formed and people often go out for coffee afterwards.’’     
‘‘One lady tells of having fallen three times in two years before attending SAYGo, resulting in her feeling anxious about the possibility of another fall. After attending the classes for a few months she managed to steady herself when she almost tripped over in her home, and her confidence has returned.’’     
‘‘I enjoy being connected to our small community. Keeping us on the move and being balanced in body and spirit.’’     
‘‘We all feel the benefit of meeting weekly and know our stretching and reaching helps with our day to day activities.’’     

So, if you are in the older age bracket and are looking for an enjoyable and affordable activity to improve your balance and mobility and a chance to get out of the house, one of our much-loved classes might be right for you.

★ Check out to find a class near you or contact Margaret at Age Concern Otago: phone (03) 479-3052 or email to enrol.

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