End of an era: Edmonds pastry range discontinued

Edmonds has discontinued its frozen pastry range. Photo / Getty Images / Countdown
Edmonds has discontinued its frozen pastry range. Photo / Getty Images / Countdown
Edmonds is removing one of its most well-known products from shelves, saying rising costs mean they can no longer make a crust from pastry.

The iconic baking brand has flaked on its frozen pastry range, saying it is “no longer commercially viable” to keep it in supermarkets.

Edmonds, now owned by Australian company Goodman Fielder, has been in Aotearoa for more than 135 years.

The baking brand was founded in the 1870s by Christchurch grocery store owner Thomas John Edmonds, who, after learning that most of the baking powder on shelves was unreliable, set about making his own.

Accelerating into 2023, Edmonds is now the Kiwi choice for flours, cake mixes and failsafe recipes, and has asserted itself as a baking staple.

A spokesperson for Goodman Fielder has revealed that the pastry range had already frozen over earlier this year in June.

“It was no longer commercially viable due to significant cost increases”, said a representative for the brand.

The frozen pastry category featured flaky puff, sweet short, savoury short and butter puff pastry.

While the frozen pastry range may have flopped, the Goodman Fielder spokesperson assured baking buffs that no other Edmonds products had been discontinued and they will continue to sell flour and other staples.

“We continue to invest in the brand to encourage home baking and cooking, including the recent launch of Edmonds’ latest book, Taku Puka Tohutao Tuatahi.”

Not the first Goodman Fielder range to be scrapped, Ernest Adams was discontinued in 2022.

The baked treats label - renowned for their slices, cakes, loaves, Christmas puddings and sponges regularly seen on grocery store shelves - had been in the market for 90 years prior to being cut.

Goodman Fielder cited difficulties sourcing raw ingredients as the reason for the brand being discontinued.

MacKenzie and Irvines pies were also recently shelved because of cost increases in various sectors.