Easter marks change in seasons

After the wonderful summer we have had in the South, giving up the sandals and salads for boots and mash is a bit harder than it has been in previous years.

So I think we need to ease into it, even if the weather has other ideas.

Food is a great way to do it - salads become warm with the addition of some lightly roasted vegetables, smoothie bowls and granola become overnight oats and barbecue meats and fish become tray bakes.

Easter always seems to mark that transition and is a great way to celebrate the coming cooler weather with some wonderful warming treats - Kelsi Boocock’s gingerbread is a great example.

Petra Galler's Baci de dama are total melt-in-your-mouth heaven. PHOTO MELANIE JENKINS (FLASH...
Petra Galler's Baci de dama are total melt-in-your-mouth heaven. PHOTO MELANIE JENKINS (FLASH STUDIOS)
Petra Galler’s quote in her new book Butter, Butter “everything in moderation including excess” fits perfectly with the Easter holiday.

Alison Lambert has kept that in mind with some Easter baking and gifts that take it a little easier on the refined sugar and chocolate.

Whereas Galler has gone full-on chocolate with her Italian influenced treats and a Kiwi favourite with a twist - chocolate and almond brownie.

Joan Bishop has endeavoured to keep the holiday simple with a no-yeast cinnamon bun, an easier alternative to making an Easter hot-cross bun.

The Otago Farmers' Market is celebrating 20 years this year. As one of the most popular markets in the country, it is a great source of fresh, local produce to mark the changing of the seasons.

To mark the anniversary, Charmian Smith has embraced “nose to tail” eating with her selection of recipes from the market’s extensive recipe collection.

And for our wine columnist Mark Henderson, the change of season has to be marked with a wee dram of whisky.

Have a happy and safe Easter.

Rebecca Fox
Lifestyle editor