Sisters rapt with eco-wrapper

Julia (left) and Nicola Pye are happy with their reusable sandwich wraps. Photo by Peter McIntosh.
Julia (left) and Nicola Pye are happy with their reusable sandwich wraps. Photo by Peter McIntosh.
Tired of using environmentally unfriendly clingfilm to wrap lunches in, Nicola Pye developed a plastic-lined cloth wrapper that could be wiped down or put in the washing machine.

She had tried paper, which might be more environmentally friendly but was still disposable.

It became soggy and didn't keep the sandwiches fresh.

She wanted something that acted like cling film but which was better for the environment as well as reusable, she said.

She made some of her brightly coloured lunch wraps for her children and their friends, then her sister, Julia Hollis-Pye stepped in and told her she should be selling them.

So the two sisters, who describe themselves as stay-at-home mums with four young children between them, set up business together last August.

Julia, an engineer by profession and refugee from "stress city Auckland", now living in Dunedin, sourced EVA, a non-chlorinated plastic, certified safe for food by the FDA, to line them.

They make small snack-wraps which take a muffin, biscuits or fruit, wraps in two sizes depending on how many sandwiches (or slices of pizza) or you eat, and are now producing an extra large one for people with large appetites.

The wraps can be found in craft shops or bought from their website,

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