Blue Wave Body Clinic: Health guru to Dunedin's sports stars

Blue Wave Body Clinic
Blue Wave Body Clinic

Georgina from Blue Wave Body Clinic is one of the most sought-after health and body experts you've never heard of.

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When the Highlanders, Otago Nuggets, Otago Development Squad and even international teams need to get their bodies in peak shape they call on Georgina from Blue Wave Body Clinic.

She has helped professional atheletes stay in top form by ensuring they recover faster and can take on the stress of their profession.

But Georgina's expertise isn't just for sports professionals. She also has a loyal clientele of everyday folk who love going to her for various treatments:

  • Facial treatments and relaxation
  • Massage and relaxation
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Prehab (preventing injury) and rehab (recovering from injury)
  • and even baby massage

Georgina sees the body as a "whole working system" which allows her to solve body problems in a unique (and complete) way, which is why she hass been the "go-to person" for the Harbour Hawks for the past nine years.

Having a "whole body perspective" means that you can solve problems more effectively.

Georgina is all-natural.

She believes in using only natural products in all treatments so you can be sure everything that's absorbed into your body is safe.

If you have an injury, play sports or are engaged in fitness and exercise and want to improve your performance or recover faster, then visit Blue Wave Body Clinic.

Call Georgina at Blue Wave Body Clinic on 03 455 8363 or 021 127 1877.

Catch up with Georgina on her Facebook Fan Page: Blue Wave's Facebook Fan Page

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