Extreme fitness challenge: A sneaky surprise

Alannah and I catch up with Phil after the workout.
Alannah and I catch up with Phil after the workout.
Today's session had a sneaky little 'twist'. Today we had to get into pairs to see who could finish their workout first.

The loser is forced to do 50 primal burpees which, if you've been following along you'll know that I hate with a vengeance and I'm not alone, nobody likes that exercise so naturally everyone was fighting like their life was on the line to avoid doing that horrible exercise!

So how did I do? (fortunately there was a happy ending)

Today was mental! Early start again at 5:45am, however I had been up until very late the night before packing for this Wanaka wedding. So it was very hard to get my butt out of bed.

Ooh one thing I noticed was how easy it was to carry my wee girl out to the car! (Each morning before training I have to drop her off to her dad's house, she's still fast asleep so she ends up suffering too...sorry Rubes!)

My daughter is quite tall for a 10 year old - she comes up to my nose! This means that she's quite heavy for me to carry her out to the car so I was really surprised that I could scoop her out of bed and into the car with total ease (if I could only beat her at arm wrestles!)

I arrive at the gym and we move through our ritualistic warm-up but with a slight twist. Because it was raining that morning we had to run up and down the stairs 4 times.

Ok, so today we were thrown a curveball....bombommmm!

A tribal showdown!

The goal? The first to finish their workout.

The loser had to do an extra 50 primal burpees at the end of their workout.

(Primal Burpees are when you start off as a burpee then go into a push-up followed by 4 hill climbs and then get up onto your feet that's one primal burpee, now do that another 49 times!)

There is no reward for the winner other than avoiding the cruelty of having to do primal burpees! 

(below: Me doing a few primal burpees from last week) 

Here's what happened in this session:

So one tribesman goes through as much of the first part (A) and the other tribesmen goes to part (B) which is much less. When B is completed the pair swaps and so forth. When it's time to go back to part A tribesman must go back to the beginning of the exercise in which they finished on.

Hope that makes sense, I think I've just confused myself writing that last part.

Here are the exercises to the best of my memory:

Part A

50m of bear crawls
50m alligator crawls
50m sabre tooth crawls
50m chimp crawls
50m spider crawls
50m crab crawls
50m inchworms

Part B

Started off with 20 kettlebell swings (which they upped the weight for me, whoop!)
15 box jumps
10 wall balls
5 burpees

This was very tough and those animal exercises aren't getting any easier.

The cramps started up again and It was awful. I tried to tell myself to keep pushing through but I can't!

Phil was there full of encouragement and showing me for the 50th time how to do alligator and spider crawls! Impossible job for him to try to teach someone with my level of unco-ordination.

So did I beat my partner?


Not quite, fortunately, the team decided to spread the punishment across the whole team which was bloody lucky because I'm not sure if I'd have completed them.

I finished feeling great and buzzing with the fact that once work is over today my friend is picking me up and it's road trip time and then getting ready for the wedding!

See you next session!

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