Ongoing physical pain and stiffness - Why pilates can help

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In this article you will find out about how the pilates method is useful for managing your recurrent pain.

If you have a back or neck pain that keeps recurring then Pilates may be something you may wish to try. So often treatment techniques just subdue symptoms for a short time and it is not long before symptoms creep back and you are reaching for medication or seeing your health provider again. This is especially frustrating if it stops participation in leisure activities. So often the problem just gets more frequent, prolonged and severe.

The Pilates method encompasses all that is good about exercise without the pain, stress and hardship of traditional exercise, you do not have to get hot and sweaty! Pilates has six key principles behind it. Some examples are smooth controlled movement, stability of the spine  and multi directional motion  meaning it mirrors what you do in life.

Our instructors are highly trained and experienced and work with physiotherapists  to get  an individulised programme for you.

At Back in Motion we have an introduction package called the 20/20 deal  to give clients a try to see if a course of Pilates can assist in keeping the symptoms under control.

This gives you an initial assessment a follow up programme reviews, and of course there is always someone around to support you throughout the session.

You can book as many times as you want over the time period but we only allow six clients in at a time.

Check out our offer on our web site  and Facebook or phone our reception at 474 9400 or click on link to take you there:


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