Disneyworld slammed for 'staggering' price rises

Disneyworld may be called the 'happiest place on earth' but it's increasingly one of the most...
Disneyworld may be called the 'happiest place on earth' but it's increasingly one of the most expensive. Photo: Getty Images
Disney fans are rethinking holiday plans after the ‘happiest place on Earth’ is quickly becoming one of the most unaffordable, with a day at the Florida resort now more expensive than a week-long holiday abroad.

Self-proclaimed Disney superfans Jake Williams and girlfriend Emmi recently slammed the Orlando Disney World park as "anti-consumer" with previously complimentary services now canned, driving up a visit by hundreds of dollars.

The couple spent US$886.34 ($1454) between them on a day at the park. Having kept the stubs from previous trips, the increase was boggling.

A similar trip in 2017 cost just $567.90 presenting an increase of $318.44 in just seven years or 43.9 per cent.

Given inflation for the same period was 24 cents on the dollar, it’s an enormous difference.

In a YouTube expose titled Disney is too expensive they broke down where the extra costs came from.

Although the cost of entry has increased, with variable pricing meaning an adult ticket costs anywhere from $154 to $184 during peak periods, there are a lot of additional fees that add up.

Several charges that didn’t exist before, including "lightning lane" queue jump which previously would have been free to the pass holders - now costs $21.30 each. Similarly, the free shuttle bus now costs an alarming $33.60 for a round trip.

"Doing a Disney World trip has gotten a lot more expensive," said the Disney die-hard.

"And remember this is without buying additional merchandise or any other snacks or even magic bands which used to be free but are now like $35."

As two adult visitors to the theme park, without children, their trip was relatively cheap.

Jake posed that a week at the resort for a young family would cost well over $4000.

"I can’t help but think that nobody seems to care if Disney is just staggeringly more expensive than it used to be, all while removing perks that used to be free," he concluded.

What was once a family holiday destination, is prohibitively expensive. There has been much comment made of the demographic shift and rise in child-free adults visiting the park.

Perhaps this is less about a Peter Pan Disney generation who refuses to grow up, and more the fact that these are the only demographic that can justify spending $440 a day to ride rollercoasters.

It’s now cheaper to buy a season pass to Copper Mountain Colorado - America’s most popular ski resort - at $899pp than take two adults to Disney for a day.

Or take an 8-night Hawaiian cruise with Royal Caribbean at $441pp, including meals and entertainment.

However, according to FloridaPanhandle.com, Orlando’s Disney World is only the third most expensive park in the world. Disney’s Californian parks hold the top two spots with an adult entry priced at $149 for Disneyland and the California Adventure Park.