Crime continuing under Alice Springs curfew

Alice Springs. Photo: Getty
Alice Springs. Photo: Getty
Several teenagers and a man in his 20s have been charged over violence in Alice Springs, as an emergency curfew continues in the besieged town.

Northern Territory Police have charged five youths aged from 16 to 22 with crimes including engage in violent conduct, criminal damage, aggravated assault and going armed in public.

A further three have been arrested and Crime Command and Strike Force Viper expect more arrests and charges in the coming days.

Chaos descended on the red centre town on Tuesday afternoon when a large group attacked the Todd Tavern, leaving a $30,000 damage bill, as tensions escalated between families following the death of a teenager.

Brawls continued later in the evening as family members mourned the death, with up to 150 people clashing in town camps.

Arrests were made and more than 50 weapons seized including spears, axes and clubs.

A curfew was declared in response, barring anyone under the age of 19 entering the Alice Springs CBD between 6pm and 6am.

Regional Controller, assistant commissioner Peter Kennon said police would continue to be highly visible both day and night across Alice Springs.

"We are continuing to undertake a common-sense approach to the conditions of the emergency situation," Mr Kennon said in a statement.

"Young people may be engaged and directed to leave the High Risk Area if they don't have a valid reason for being there, such as attending a job."

The temporary curfew was backed by the federal government, with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Thursday calling it a "sensible move".

"All Australians will be concerned by the scenes that we have seen," Mr Albanese told reporters on Thursday.

However, NT Police Commissioner Michael Murphy said there was no need for extra federal assistance.

"Northern Territory police are more than capable of delivering public safety services to the community, and we will prove that," he said on Thursday.

Rising tensions in the desert town were inflamed by the death of an 18-year-old in a fatal car accident in early March.

He died after hanging out of the window of a stolen car that rolled over in the Alice Springs CBD.

The youth was crushed and killed by the vehicle and left there by the driver and passengers.