Fire-hit Queensland faces flooding rain

Parts of Queensland which have endured nearly a fortnight of bushfires are now having to deal with flooding rains, as residents return to find out whether their homes made it through the blazes.

On Tuesday afternoon severe storms were dumping heavy rain and large hail on many parts of central Queensland.

It's hoped the rain will help to douse many of the fires still lingering around the affected areas, however authorities issued a warning on Tuesday for potential flash flooding, in an ironic turnaround to the last few days of scorching conditions.

More rain and storms are forecast for Wednesday in many areas.

Despite the rains, fire crews are still battling more than 100 fires across the state, but conditions have eased enough to allow them to get the upper hand and allow residents back into the area south of Gladstone.

Those who fled Deepwater, Rules Beach, Oyster Creek and Baffle Creek were allowed to go home from midday on Tuesday.

Authorities continue to monitor several of the most serious fires including one on North Stradbroke Island, off Brisbane, and another at Lowmead in central Queensland.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Deputy Commissioner Mark Roche warned the danger wasn't yet over and asked evacuees to be patient.

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