Class Act 2023: Dunstan High School

Isla Redgrave


Embarking on Outward Bound this year gave Isla Redgrave a chance to build new skills and get out of her comfort zone — something she loves doing.

‘‘Outward Bound certainly pushed me to my limits and I couldn’t recommend it more. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.’’

The 17-year-old Dunstan High School pupil prides herself on the positive mindset the outdoor challenge course has given her as well, because her strengths are in forming strong relationships and communicating well.

Isla aims to apply these qualities to her study next year when she hopes to work towards a degree in health science, with a focus on physiotherapy, at the University of Otago.

She saw physiotherapy as the best way to combine her love of physical education and people.

‘‘My parents have ... always encouraged me to go for it and try something hard, but rewarding.’’

Her love of sport has risen from her work and success as a netball umpire, which has given her an opportunity to provide service and leadership to a sport she loves.

This year she received her Netball New Zealand zone award and was appointed as an umpire for the junior South Island secondary schools

netball championship final in Christchurch.

While she regards each of her achievements as an honour, she says anyone can accomplish anything.

‘‘Achievements shouldn’t be a defining factor in our lives and if you want something I say go for it.’’

Isla describes herself as a ‘‘huge family person’’ and her paremts are her role models.

They had ‘‘different and inspiring qualities that I admire every day’’.


Achievements: Head girl (2023); NCEA level 1 with excellence (2021); NCEA level 2 with excellence (2022); academic committee leader (2021-22); academic committee (2021-2023); student council (2021-23); arts committee (2021-22); service committee (2021-23); formal committee (2023); Central Otago Youth Council (2021-23), deputy chairperson (2023); Outward Bound (2023); netball centre award 
(2021); netball umpire zone award (2023); Central Otago junior umpire of the year (2021); bronze Student Volunteer Army award; silver Student Volunteer Army award; academic blue and service award; service to umpiring award.

Role models: Her mum and dad, who each have different and inspiring qualities that she admires every day.

Hopes for the future: To study health science at the University of Otago to pursue a career in physiotherapy. 


Emily Templeton


Leadership experience has led Emily Templeton to choose a future of helping make life fair for people around the world.

The 18-year-old Dunstan High School pupil says her interest in studying management and tourism was encouraged by leadership roles she pursued.

‘‘I have taken every leadership opportunity available to me to continue to grow my people skills and communication skills.’’

Her role as co-founder of the social enterprise scheme, the Dunstan Legacy Project, has inspired her to run a business to help and inspire people.

‘‘I think that just because life isn’t fair that we should ever stop doing what we can to help and accommodate everyone,’’ Emily said.

She wants to ensure, no matter what situation they find themselves in, people can have equal opportunities.

Attending Powering Potential, in Wellington, last year gave her insight into business skills, such as working in a team and presenting and processing information.

‘‘I like to take risks and step out of my comfort zone as an opportunity to grow.’’

Next year, she hopes to study towards a double degree in law and management at the University of Otago.

Understanding a country’s legal systems and history is vital to being able to give good marketing and managerial advice, she says.

Emily has taken every opportunity to grow her leadership skills, from coaching and captaining sports teams to work shadowing others already established in the industry.

‘‘My sport and culture is very important to me because creating a sense of community and connection with other people and my ancestry makes me who I am.’’


Achievements: House captain (2023); basketball senior A assistant coach (2023); U18 Māori football camp (2023); NCEA Level 1 with excellence (2021); NCEA level 2 with excellence (2022); U16 Nga Hine Whanapoikiri — New Zealand Māori U16 girls football team (2021); school girls A basketball (2021-23); school football girls first XI (2019-22), captain (2021); school girls Futsal (2019-22); junior football coach (2023); school senior A netball (2022-3); junior netball coach (2021); Dunstanza (2019-21); Powering Potential in Wellington (2022); 
Youth Council (2022-23), secretary (2023); school formal committee secretary (2023); school service committee (2023); school student council (2023); Student Volunteer Army bronze award; co-director Dunstan Legacy Project (2023). 

Role model: Her grandma and parents, who push her to try new things and inspire her to take risks. 

Hopes for the future: To study management, tourism and law at university and work in the tourism and hospitality industry.