ACC not planning 300 new jobs in city

Dave Cull
Dave Cull
The ACC is not the major employer looking to boost Dunedin job numbers by 300, the government agency said yesterday.

While it is looking to consolidate its three current Dunedin offices, which employ 452 people, into one leased premises, spokesman James Funnell ruled it out for boosting staff numbers.

``We're not the organisation that is apparently planning 300 new jobs in Dunedin,'' he said yesterday.

Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull said earlier this month a major employer was considering coming to Dunedin, but has repeatedly declined to identify the organisation.

In past weeks, the ACC has run a registration of interest for new leased premises in Dunedin, after having held an option with the Dunedin City Council - which has since lapsed - to develop a Frederick St car park.

In Dunedin, the ACC has a branch, service and contact centres, to which 47 additional staff have been added over the past two years while the agency consolidated its four nationwide contact centres.



Will DCC tell us who this mystical employer was in not-so-unlikely event of Dunedin being turned down? If not, should we still believe that there actually was one?

I was thinking the same I call BS

Either A. Cull is dreaming that he attended a meeting with a large company who wants to relocate to Dunedin to increase the towns employment B. He is thinking of ways to boost his ratings. He should have not said anything at all really.