Art and design educator starts youth programme

Hannah Breeze with a contempary art piece. Contempary art was about the creative process rather...
Hannah Breeze with a contempary art piece. Contempary art was about the creative process rather than just the finished product. Photo: Ella Stokes
A career in teaching and a passion for contemporary art has sparked a Dunedin woman to create a new programme.

Hannah Breeze has been practising art for as long as she can remember.

She wants to teach young people that just because they may not be talented at drawing and painting, it does not mean they are not creative.

Mrs Breeze has recently started her own business, called Rad , which stands for radical art and design.

From February, she is going to offer courses for children aged from 8 to high-school level, with the aim of offering alternative art and design education.

Courses are both after school during the term and all day during school holidays and will be located in a studio in central Dunedin.

Mrs Breeze said she wanted to allow an opportunity for people to explore different ways to be creative.

"It's devastating to see children from a young age thinking they weren't creative ... everyone is creative, they might just not know how.''

The courses would also have a focus on reducing waste, and she was grateful to have already acquired textiles, paint and more that would have otherwise been sent to landfill.

"We've become a very throw-away society. It's a good skill to learn how you can create something from something that would've otherwise been thrown away.''

She hoped to create a platform where a range of art could be created, from sculpture to textiles and jewellery.

Mrs Breeze said the youth of today had a lot of stress-related issues and she believed they had too much screen time.

"It's not just about making something that looks great ... sitting and creating something is really beneficial.''

Rad had also received funding through the Dunedin City Council Creative Community Scheme and Mrs Breeze said this would allow her to draw on other artists to teach their skills.

Although the course is going to focus on educating youths, Mrs Breeze said in future she hoped to also offer adult courses.

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