The art of getting a point across

Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.
Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.

Dunedin School of Art student Shelley McConaughy, of Dunedin, photographs her ''site-specific'' work Shelter in the Octagon yesterday.

The art was specific to the Octagon because it commented on the difficulty regional artists had getting their work exhibited in the Dunedin Public Art Gallery and on the support from St Paul's Cathedral for homeless people.

The bright colour of the work was a comment on the low sunshine hours in Dunedin and how it made some of the city's houses cold.

The barricade was a statement on the difficulty some residents faced finding warm housing in the city, she said.

More site-specific art was temporarily installed in Mornington and at St Kilda Beach yesterday by fellow students, Ms McConaughy said.

Dunedin Public Art Gallery director Cam McCracken said displaying Otago art was not a ''remit'' of the gallery.

''We try to get a range of art in the gallery.''

He pointed out the gallery was part of a network of exhibition spaces, including Community Gallery and the Blue Oyster Gallery, which displayed more experimental work.

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