Art wall plan progressing

Dunedin artist Aroha Novak works on a stencil for a planned community art wall in Wilkie Rd. ...
Dunedin artist Aroha Novak works on a stencil for a planned community art wall in Wilkie Rd. Photo by Jonathan Chilton-Towle.
A South Dunedin schoolgirl's dream of an art wall for disadvantaged youth is one step closer to completion.

Earlier this year, The Star did a story on Otago Girls' High School pupil and former Youth MP Bokyong Mun's idea to turn a blank wall in Wilkie Rd into an art wall where youth could express their thoughts and feelings.

After seeing the article, local artist Aroha Novak got in touch with Bokyong and volunteered her services.

She had brought four other local artists on board and would be holding workshops with children from eight different community organisations.

The children will be taught art skills and asked to come up with ideas for what the mural should look like.

The painting of the mural is due to take place in Youth Week, which runs from May 17 to 25.

The theme for the 2014 Youth Week is ''be the change'' and the mural will reflect this with a scene that shows the transition from night to day.

The idea was chosen because it was an obvious change that everyone experienced each day.

The mural will be painted by the children and touched up by the artists.

Dunedin-based youth development group Malcam Charitable Trust has also got involved.

Malcam trust project co-ordinator Michela Carrington said the trust had already been working with the police on a similar project at Bathgate Park School.

However, this had fallen through and the trust had been pleased to hear about Bokyong's idea.

''The really cool thing about this is that three different forces have come together as one,'' she said.

Bokyong was pleased to see her art-wall idea unfolding.

''I'm watching and hoping that everything falls into place,'' she said.

The first art workshop was held on Tuesday.


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