Boxing Day sales generally quieter

Dunedin retailers reported mixed post-Christmas sales yesterday, with some saying there were fewer people around.

Many refused to be quoted, including one retailer who indicated the store's post-Christmas sale was down 50% on last year.

K and K Fashions assistant manager Jenny Leeden said the store's Boxing Day sale was a little quieter than in 2009, but the store had benefited from the New Zealand bowls championships being held in the Dunedin area.

Ms Leeden believed women put aside money for the Boxing Day sales so the economic downturn was not having a major impact.

Bivouac Outdoor temporary manager Graham Hopkins believed the way the festive break fell, effectively creating "two long weekends", was not good for Dunedin retailers.

It seemed more people than usual were out of town, and sales were down.

From talking to other retailers, that seemed to be what many were finding, Mr Hopkins said.

Marbecks retail assistant Lucinda McConnon said the store was busier on Boxing Day than it was on Christmas Eve.

The following day was also busy but it then tailed off.

It was the first time Marbecks had had a post-Christmas sale so it was not possible to compare other years.

French Floozie manager Jenny Hansen said Boxing Day, and just afterward, was busy, with people looking for bargains, but post-Christmas sales were nowhere near as "nuts" as three or four years ago.

The new year was quiet, but that was usual for Dunedin.

A staff member at Jay Jays said the central city was quieter post-Christmas than the same time the previous year.

However, Trent's Leather Shop owner Sue Brown believed more people were around than at this time last year, although she agreed this year was "different" because of the way the statutory days fell.

Hype retail assistant Alana Hawker said the store's custom had been "patchy", with some days much busier than others.

From looking at other retailers in the Golden Centre and Meridian mall, she noticed many had much bigger post-Christmas reductions than other years.

One shopper, who refused to be quoted, said some retailers appeared to have an air of desperation and were amenable to bargaining for bigger reductions than those displayed.

Other shoppers said they were watching their money more closely because of the economic downturn.

Lisa McCauley, researcher, of Dunedin, said she was spending a similar amount to last year, and there were some good bargains to be found.


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