Damaged tree to be removed

Photo: supplied.
Photo: supplied.
Vandals have displayed a lack of festive spirit in Invercargill where a public Christmas tree (pictured) was to be removed today,  following repeated damage.

The tree in Glengarry was vandalised three times this week. Wiring for fairy lights  was cut and baubles destroyed, Invercargill City Council roading manager Russell Pearson said.

"We’ve paid for contractors to repair the damage twice but the extent of the damage is such that we think the right thing to do now is to remove the tree before it is completely destroyed and can’t be used in future years."

A tree in south Invercargill was also damaged this week.

Cr Rebecca Amundsen lamented the effect of the vandalism on the Glengarry community.

"It’s so disappointing that the thoughtless actions of a few people can ruin it for everyone else," she said.

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