Brasch letters to editor compiled for book

Photo: Linda Robertson
Photo: Linda Robertson
University of Otago 2019 Printers in Residence Dr John Holmes and Marion Wassenaar at the university's Otakou Printing Press.

To celebrate the university's 150th year, they are in the process of hand-printing 100 copies of a book of letters to the editor of the Otago Daily Times from New Zealand poet Charles Brasch.

While this is the fifth time medical lecturer Dr Holmes has been made a printer in residence by the university, it is the first time for Otago Polytechnic teacher Ms Wassenaar, who trained in the 1970s as a prepress photolithographer.

Ms Wassenaar who is creating original illustrations accompanying the letters, is an artist and lecturer in the Print Studio, Dunedin School of Art, at Otago Polytechnic, and said she was ''very excited'' to be involved with the project.

Dr Holmes was also enjoying the work.

''It is actually great working with an artist. We can share our ideas and things and fit our pictures around the text,'' he said.

He expected the copies to be finished by the end of the year ''fingers crossed'', and said a number had already been presold by the university. 

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