Med school legal challenge: Plaintiff's name suppressed

The man taking on the University of Otago over its admissions process for medical school will have his identity kept secret until further notice.

The university is facing a legal challenge to the way it administered selection for its medical programme in 2020.

A preliminary hearing was held by telephone conference in the High Court at Christchurch today.

Justice Dale Lester suppressed the name of the plaintiff, and other details that could identify him, ahead of a hearing to be held next week.

The way the university selects students for its second-year medicine programme has been in the headlines in recent weeks.

The university's policy is to give priority entry to students from groups under-represented in New Zealand's health workforce.

University representatives said yesterday the legal action would include consideration of the priority pathways and whether limits should apply to them.

The university is opposing the legal challenge.



Is it on the taxpayer? These types of challenge are mostly ideological.

It'll be the wealthy parent of a kid who didn't get in. What's the justification for name suppression? If you're going to cause this much disruption you should be willing to put your name to it. The plaintiff isn't a victim, they brought this attention about.

What do you think the university’s position is ?
A commandment carved in stone !

Good on the plaintiff, whoever he or she is — these unacceptable quotas have been accepted, sheep-like, for far too long. Unfortunately, NZ court 'wisdom' being what it is these days, the action is probably doomed to fail.