Summer School enrolments show demand, Uni says

University of Otago information science student Liam Todd looks at a student handbook on the...
University of Otago information science student Liam Todd looks at a student handbook on the first day of the university’s latest annual Summer School. PHOTO: GREGOR RICHARDSON
The University of Otago’s latest Summer School is adding to Dunedin’s vibrancy, and enrolments are up from last year, organisers say.

About 1890 student enrolments had been made, up on last year’s equivalent enrolment total of 1850, Otago Summer School and continuing education director Dr Elaine Webster said yesterday.

About 1650 students were participating, up from about 1600 last year, and most were opting for a single paper, which was the equivalent of a full-time course, Dr Webster said.

"It just shows there’s still good good demand for Summer School," she said.

By taking papers at the school, students can gain credit for courses with six weeks of study, instead of about 13 weeks usually required to complete equivalent papers during the main university study year.

The latest school, which began yesterday, was adding to the vibrancy of the campus and the city, was bringing more vitality back to the campus and helping boost the city’s economy at a traditionally quiet time of the year, she said.

A key part of running a successful summer school was maintaining a good mix of lively new papers and popular, well-established papers, she said.

Fifty-two papers were being offered this year, including about 19 new papers.

Five of those papers had never been offered before, and other papers had not been offered last year.

A paper on forensic biology remained highly popular, attracting about 145 enrolments, and 35 people had opted for another long-running paper, on effective writing.

More than 100 people had opted to take a laws paper on intellectual property, a further 47 were taking a paper on "Animals in the Law", and 35 were studying "US Foreign Policy since 1945".

"I’m really excited about some of the papers we’re offering.

"I think we’ve got a really good mix," Dr Webster said.


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