Complaints over exposure incidents

Police are investigating after at least two cases of young men allegedly exposing themselves in the University of Otago's central library.

University student services director Karyn Thomson said there had been two complaints of men exposing themselves in the central library over the past two months.

''One person has been identified and referred to police for further action,'' Ms Thomson said.

Any student found committing such offences could face having their attendance at university reviewed, she said.

Senior Sergeant Steve Aitken, of Dunedin, said the incidents were believed to have involved different people.

While the people responsible might think of it as a ''dare'' or a ''joke'', it was not something police took lightly, Snr Sgt Aitken said.

''What might be quite funny to them could be really quite insensitive to other people.''

If anyone witnessed a person exposing themselves, they should contact library management, Campus Watch or police immediately, Snr Sgt Aitken said.

At least one case was believed to have involved a young man tapping a library staff member on the shoulder and then exposing himself.

Another case involved a young man with ''a large hole in the crotch of his trousers'' sitting on a step - which ''might have been more of an accident''.

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