Conference shows pupils the future

Abby-Rose Evans (left) and Katie Duncan (of St Marys School, Mosgiel) do battle with Bob the...
Abby-Rose Evans (left) and Katie Duncan (of St Marys School, Mosgiel) do battle with Bob the alien (centre) from the planet Zacharius during the ICT conference in Dunedin last week. Photo by Peter McIntosh.
Poor old Bob. He's shy, green, a little slimy and a sensitive new-aged alien from the planet Zacharius, and all he has ever wanted was to make friends.

But in a small room hidden away among the corridors of the University of Otago College of Education, he got the living stars kicked out of him last week by two 10-year-old girls - St Marys (Mosgiel) School pupils Abby-Rose Evans and Katie Duncan.

"He scared us - he looked a bit dodgy so we decided to beat him up. But it turned out he was a nice guy so we shook hands and made up," Katie said.

The sci-fi thriller, set in the year 2020, was created as part of a blue-screen film-making seminar at the Otago Primary Schools Information and Communication Technology (ICT) conference (Kids@Conference) held at the college.

Pupils used computers to create a futuristic world and then used blue screens to film themselves and merge the two images together into a short movie.

Conference organiser Greg Hurley said it was one of many seminars at the conference which taught more than 100 pupils how to use ICT equipment to make music videos, digital comics, video games and robots.

One of the key aims of the conference was to educate pupils and encourage schools and teachers to use advanced multimedia tools to enhance learning.


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