'He just wouldn't stop': Man leads police on Dunedin chase

Dunedin Police are praising the initiative of two truck drivers who helped bring a long-lasting pursuit to an end yesterday morning.

Police were carrying out patrols on Andersons Bay Rd when they noticed a "suspicious vehicle'' attempting to avoid police about 2.40am.

The 32-year-old driver of the vehicle took off, driving in to Hillside Rd, through the Warehouse car park and back in to Andersons Bay Rd.

Police then engaged in a pursuit with the vehicle through Maori Hill, in to Kaikorai Valley Rd back to South Dunedin and on to the Southern Motorway.

Sergeant John Hedges, of Dunedin, said the chase lasted more than 30 minutes and covered 38km across the city.

Police deployed road spikes five times during the pursuit, but the driver managed to drive around them and continue.

Sgt Hedges said the entire pursuit was all at low speed.

"He just wouldn't stop.

"I heard he had gone through red lights, but then he would stop and stop signs, and then when police got up close to him, he would take off again.

"The only reason they let the pursuit go on a bit longer, was because there was no-one around - there was no danger.''

Sgt Hedges said the driver was eventually stopped on State Highway 1 after he got trapped behind two slow moving trucks on the Southern Motorway near Saddle Hill.

"He was slowed down behind some trucks.

"They've seen the car chase earlier I think, and realised if we go really slowly here, this will help stop him. Can't get past two big trucks.''

Sgt Hedges praised the truck drivers because their plan worked.

He said the driver got out of the car and ran. He was later caught by police about 3.10am.

The driver was arrested and charged with failing to stop, reckless driving and endangering safety.

He is due to appear in court today.