Students not to blame for chaos

Police say non-students "out looking for trouble'' started several fights and threw bottles at Campus Watch in North Dunedin on Saturday night.

Senior Sergeant Craig Dinnissen, of Dunedin, said a party at a Hyde St flat was attended by well-behaved students.

The same could not be said of their neighbours, Snr Sgt Dinnissen said.

"[The] students were well behaved, just minding their own business ... the neighbours, who were not students, were out looking for trouble all night apparently.''

They threw bottles at Campus Watch staff, and police were called when fights broke out. A young woman was taken to hospital with unknown injuries.

Snr Sgt Dinnissen said more fights broke out once officers left the street.

Three burglaries have been reported from the student area in recent days.

During one of those burglaries, the residents of the flat disturbed the intruders, a large man with curly hair, accompanied by a small skinny man.


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