Weapons seized after low speed chase

Knives and knuckledusters seized by police from a car doing burnouts during a tangi on Friday...
Knives and knuckledusters seized by police from a car doing burnouts during a tangi on Friday afternoon. PHOTO: NZ POLICE
It was high drama at slow speeds as police were led on a chase by the driver leading a procession to a Dunedin gang member’s tangi on Friday.

Police had an increased presence in the wider Dunedin area on Friday as a group of gang members travelled in procession from Balclutha to Corstorphine.

It ended with three people arrested and charged with failing to stop for police, dangerous driving, and obstruction.

Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond, of Dunedin, said two vehicles refused to stop for police after they signalled for the pair to pull over after the man driving a green Ford leading the procession did a burn out in Blackhead Rd.

Immediately after the burn out, members of the procession blocked police access to the vehicle, during which two vehicles had a head-to-nose crash.

The occupants then abandoned their vehicles in Blackhead Rd and entered two other vehicles.  

Once the green Ford left Blackhead Rd, police got through and caught up with the car in Middleton Rd, Corstorphine.

This led to a car chase to Glasgow St in South Dunedin.

The vehicles being pursued by police initially did not break the 50kmh speed limit and stuck to the road rules during the police chase, Snr Sgt Bond said.

When they got into King Edward St, the vehicles pulled down Carey Ave, where a woman driving a black Mazda Atenza allegedly stopped to block police from following the green Ford.

The man driving the Ford then went the wrong way down the one way Glasgow St and headed on to Neville St where police caught up with them.

Inside the vehicle were knives and knuckledusters, Snr Sgt Bond said.

The 23-year-old driver of the green Ford was charged with failure to stop, sustained loss of traction and possession of offensive weapons.

Police caught up with the black Mazda Atenza on their way to the cemetery, and an 18-year-old woman was arrested for failure to stop and obstruction.

The procession began at 11am with the vehicles being followed by police the entire way up to Corstorphine.

At 12.40pm, a silver Holden Captiva started to cross the centre line in Gladstone Rd in Mosgiel but not into oncoming traffic.

The 44-year-old man driving then ran a red light while at the Gladstone and Quarry Rd intersections in Mosgiel.

Police attempted to stop the vehicle, but he did not stop for police and then continued on to the motorway where it was stopped at the weigh station in Saddle Hill.

The man was charged with failure to stop and driving while forbidden, and his vehicle was impounded.

The convoy continued along the Southern Motorway and was travelling about 50km/h in the 100 zone in both lanes, causing a back up of traffic behind them, Snr Sgt Bond said.

They then turned off at Green Island and drove down Brighton Rd before continuing down to Blackhead Rd.